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Where can I get Certified in Body Piercing?

The job of body piercing is not for everyone, but if youve decided this form of body art is for you, then you may wish to become certified in body piercing.

A quick online search will provide a number of schools that specialize in piercing, such as the School of Body Piercing in California. You will also want to apprentice with a piercing and tattoo studio. The first step is to talk to as many tattoo artists with experience that you can find. When interviewing with the artist, remember that this is much like applying for a job. Mature behavior and a good appearance will allow you to make the best impression possible.

Take the time, too, to be knowledgeable about the field; discover trends in piercing, specific health information, and learn about the piercing artists who are well known in the field. This demonstrates a desire to be a part of the piercing community, and will increase your chances for being accepted as an apprentice.

Once inside the community, continue to study your field; youll also want to become certified in First Aid and CPR; any act that pierces the body requires knowledge of how to best handle safely such issues as blood cleanup, used needles, and medical waste.

There are different schools and course work offered for this practice. In the instance of the School of Body Piercing, they offer a three day course. Others schools may offer a degree. It may not be necessary to become certified in order to obtain a job in a piercing studio, but it wont hurt to do so. While the certification process may not take long, its advisable to take nearly a year to go through the various steps of apprenticeship. Generally, you wont be allowed to pierce a client for six months; you should be using that time to study the piercing world.

In every state, there are different laws governing body piercing, so its best to investigate the most recent regulations. Check with local tattoo shops for information regarding these regulations and learn about any required courses and tests to earn the certification.

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