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What Tattoo Should I Get?

In the previous post, I promised I would give you the tips to start your tattoo quest on the right foot. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business!

As I mentioned earlier, there are several factors you should consider in order to solve the “what tattoo should I get” riddle. First of all, you have to decide WHERE you will get it. The placement of your tattoo should be your first concern, as it will affect all your other decisions. You wouldn’t get the same kind of design whether it’s on the ankle, the arm or the back. You have to pay attention to the shape of the body part you want tattooed so it doesn’t look weird or out of place.

You also need to ask yourself whether you can afford to get a tattoo in a highly visible spot, like the neck or the forearm. Some working environments are still very conservative and such tattoos could get you in trouble. If in doubt, whether it’ll show or not, you can still try and get a henna tattoo of the design to see if you get any bad comments before you go on and get the thing for real.

Once that’s taken care of, another point you should consider is the meaning of the tattoo. To make sure that you won’t regret it and still love it many years later, it’s better if that tat bears some deep meaning to you. Ideally, it should be a reflection of your own personality, like a value you’re attached to or something you really enjoy doing.

On a personal note, I like quotes for tattoos. I find that, sometimes, a couple of well chosen words have way more meaning (and are much more beautiful by their simplicity) than the most intricate of designs. So, maybe, that’s something you might think about.

With that being said, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. As so many designs were already created, it would be a shame not to use them to get your creative juices flowing. If you want to get access to more than 10 000 high-quality designs, I suggest you check out TattooFever. On top of their amazing selection, they also offer professional advice on all things regarding the world of tattoos, like “how to choose the perfect tattoo for you” or “how to choose the best tattoo artist”.

It’s of the utmost importance that you check out as many designs as possible. There are just too many different styles for you to take a wise decision without knowing all your options.  Moreover, you’ll often find that there are some things that you like in a design and others that you don’t. But that it would look nice if you would just replace those parts with what you saw in another design. So, by combining several designs, you might find the exact tattoo for you. Or you could take one design as a basis and have your tattoo artist redraw or improve it.

“It’s all good”, you might answer… “But how do I find a tattoo artist in the first place?” Well, you should know that pretty much all artists have specialties. So, my first concern would be to choose the kind of tattoo I wanted before I went out and found an artist. Not the other way around. You wouldn’t go to a biomeca specialist to ask him for an old school design. That just wouldn’t do it!

Other than that, what you should also take into consideration is whether you can get recommendations from anyone you know. And the most obvious criterion (but not the least!): what that artist charges per tattoo or per hour. Before you even step into the parlor, you should know the range of prices. That’s why I like to check and see if they don’t have a website. Usually, you can find a lot of information on those sites that will allow you to weed out those that don’t fit your style or your budget. Next, I would visit the artists you’ve selected to talk about your idea and see if you get along. Never overlook your relationship with the artist!

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