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Tattoo Machines

Tattoos do not simply just show on you skin. There is a procedure when you go to get a tattoo. A very important part of this procedure is the machine that is used to imprint the tattoo. Tattoo machines come in a few forms.

The regular tattoo machine that you can find in a legitimate tattoo shop would be state of the art made of sturdy metal and coil made specially for the device. The needles on these tattoo machines should also be replaced with each use. If you do not replace your needles with each use, you may get terrible infections like AIDS.

The way that these tattoo machines work is through the coils connection. They cause the needle to move up and down very rapidly. The machine’s mechanics should be very well-made and constantly checked on. This is because there is a high level of precision that is necessary for having a tattoo placed on you.

A tattoo machine that functions properly must have the needle enter the skin at just the right depth. The pigment should not be placed into the fatty parts of the skin. It should go deep enough into the skin to make a proper inprint. The speedy up and down motion of the needle is thanks to magnets that are strategically positioned in the machine.

There are also machines that you can make all by yourself at home. There are many do-it-yourself guides all over the Internet. If you are quite good at constructing and can’t quite afford to buy a legitimate tattoo machine, you can just make your own. Usually, coils, a toothbrush, a needle and a motor are among the most important ingredients when making your own tattoo machine.

Some tribes do not even need the use of machines to imprint their tattoos. Their version of a tattoo machine is a blade and some pigment.


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