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Tattoo Ink: The Pigments In Your Skin

There are many people around the world today that have tattoos. They are a way to make a statement to the world regarding who you are and what you believe in. Or it could just be something that you did when you were drunk. Either way, tattoos are permanent. Here is some info about the tattoo ink that stays with you for your lifetime.Their placement on your skin is actually just beneath its surface.

Tattoo ink can come in various colors. There are tattoos that are just composed of one color, be it black or some other color. There are also multicolored tattoos that contain any number of colors. When a tattoo is fresh on you it will not display the actual color that it is supposed to. It will often be darker. Once the tattoo has fully healed, it will lighten up and represent the colors that you really wanted it to.

Your skin color can actually influence how the color looks on your tattoo. The brightness of the color of the ink in the jar may not be the same on your tattoo if you have darker skin.

Tattoo ink is often not really literally ink. A majority of the products that are marketed as tattoo ink are made of two different substances that are called pigments and carriers. A pigment is a material that can be reduced to a substance that can provide color.

A carrier, on the other hand, is the liquid substance that allow the pigment to be spread. Some examples of carriers include glycerine, vodka and listerine.

The content of ink can be very harmful to you. It could trigger an allergic reaction in your skin. Unless you know exactly what was placed into the ink being embedded into your skin, consider yourself at risk.


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