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How To Open A Tattoo Shop

What you need to know before opening a tattoo shop

Tattoos and body piercings are becoming popular by the day and people find it necessary to express themselves in bodily art.
The nature of a tattoo business is highly sensitive as it involves some level of permanence. Whether you are a novice or a professional one thing is clear. You are bound to change someones life. As a rule, there are some guidelines to protect the interests of both your business and that of your client. Here are some guides to follow and why you need to adhere to them

1.Obtain a License and business permit

Operating within the legal confines is important. Tattoo regulations vary from different countries. It is therefore a prerequisite of the owner to know how different states view the tattoo business. Much concern is placed on health and sanitation practices. You must convince the state you plan to open a business that will pose no health risks to your clients.


How did you get the skills required?
Again, this may vary from state to state but it is a requirement that a tattoo practitioner should earn the merit to practice the trade. This is earned by working under a professional as an apprentice for some considerable number of training hours.
Usually 2000 hours of training is considered standard in many countries.

3.Setting up shop

The location of your tattoo business will determine how much work you get done. Usually the more populous the merrier. A thoroughly worked out business plan will help determine the level of success your business achieves.

You will be able to determine the characteristics of the people you are targeting. What other businesses surround you and how will they compliment your business to make money?

Operating near beauty parlours and fashion stores may just give you an edge.
A business plan will iron out the issue of competition as well. You will know how many similar businesses are operating within your preferred locale.

4.Marketing Strategy

How do you plan to make your business known? What makes you different from other tattoo parlours?
To get a niche above your competitors you will need a clear strategy to win customers over. This can be achieved by the level of advertisements you do. For example, distributing fliers and posters maybe used to introduce your new shop. Social media marketing will also help you get the attention of your would be target clientele.

But the entire success of your business will be the shops layout..
Your business should ooze confidence.
One simple way is by use of modern equipment.
You can also hire a team of experts to design a functional shop. Work with the space available to accommodate as many people as possible without congestion. Play with the lighting and let your business stand out.


You will need good employees around you to fulfill all your business goals. The receptionist, your apprentice should all be versed with your goals. Make sure they are qualified as well and know about the trade you are in.
This is so important as most clients need some level of assurance before committing to a stranger to permanently mark their bodies with ink.

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