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List Of Tattoo Equipment

The art of having a tattoo is something that has been with us for many years. In ancient times tattoos were used to show rank or status and where religious drawings have been used to indicate the role of the individual. Today most tattoos are for body art and for aesthetic purposes only. Tattoo equipment can be easily bought and the studios that provide a tattooing service are on the increase. The following are the most relevant tattoo equipment in use today.

1. The Tattoo Machine
The correct and good quality gun that is used to apply the tattoo is the backbone of any studio. The basic equipment required to do tattoos is a tattoo machine. It is fitted with many tiny needles that then deliver ink to the skin. If it is of a high quality then this equipment will last for many years and will ensure that you will get the best quality result every time.

2. Tattoo Needles

The right needles used by the tattoo artist make sure that the client is always protected. Although needles can be sterilized and re used the most favored needle is the variety that after use is disposed of to prevent any risk of cross contamination. As the needles come into contact with the clients blood and can potentially carry diseases the use of the disposable needles has become more popular. The quantity of needles used is dependent upon the size of the design they are doing. The machines are constructed in such a way to make them stable to allow the tattoo artist to draw expertly on the skin.

3. Stencils

Stencils are used by the tattoo artist to get the chosen design from the book to the skin and there are now papers that can help with clean perfect lines onto the skin. These techniques will ensure that the tattoo artist and you will get the design that you requested.

4. Medical paper

Medical paper is used for clients to sit on which is then discarded after each client. This paper protects the clients from bodily fluids and ensures that these are not transferred to the next client. Other essential equipment includes gloves, gauze and ointment to ensure hygienic conditions at all times.

5. Tattoo Ink
Tattoo ink has come a long way, and today ink is better than, and more versatile than ever. Black is surely the most widespread ink in use, but ever color imaginable is available now, including strangely glowing colors too. Your studio should only use high quality inks as poor or cheaper ink can harm the reputation, you want your tattoos to last a long time and this is achieved by using high quality products.

There is definitely other tools involved, but the above shape the main tools used. Combining these four critical tattoo equipment components give an artist everything they need to give a tattoo, assuming they possess the skills to properly work, clean, and maintain this equipment.

Prior to starting the tattoo the client should always be made familiar with the procedures involved and the importance of hygienic routines being used. A professional studio will have these written for the client to study before any work takes place. The artist will need to have very clean hands and sterile gloves worn during the whole process.

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