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How To Become a Tattoo Artist

How To Become a Tattoo Artist

Tattooing is a form of art whose mastery will determine how much you earn. With very many people venturing into this field, the competition is stiff, and you need to be at the top of the game for you to get more clients. Below is an outline of how to tattoo to help you be the best.

1. Equipment
How best you do in the art depends on how good you are with your tools. The tattoo machine is one of the tools you need to understand. When you know the proper angle, depth, mounting and strokes, you will deliver tattoos that will be breath taking. It’s not just about the machine penetrating the first skin to plant the tattoo ink between the first and second skin, but it’s about how well you do it that matters. Hygiene is important therefore autoclaving, and use of disposable equipment is necessary besides your personal hygiene.

2. Design and Pricing

The client will have an idea about what they want, but it’s upon you to turn those dreams into a reality. Taking classes in fine art can help perfect your drawing and colouring if you are not perfect. Prepare a design that will get your client excited about, and you will be winning even before beginning. Agree on the price before proceeding. Take care of your pricing because it will always determine the number and kind of customers you get.

3. Prepare
Another critical step lies in the preparation of your equipment, the client and yourself. Ensure all your equipment are sterile to avoid spreading infections that will cost your business. Wipe the skin where you will place the tattoo, shave it and then wash with alcohol or antibacterial solution. Prepare a larger area than what you will need for the tattoo.

4. Transfer the Design
The stencil helps you move the lines of the tattoo to the skin that will guide your tattooing. When transferring the design from the paper to the stencil paper, place it on the stencil paper, tape it and then using a pen, apply hard and even pressure following the line art. Cut off excess paper from the stencil design. Clean the area to mount tattoo. Use stencil solvent and using gloves, place stencil on the skin smoothing it out and getting rid of any air bubbles. Remove it gently after 20 seconds and allow the skin to dry.

5. Draw the Tattoo
At first, follow the line art done by the stencil to get the line art design onto the skin. After the above steps, your tattoo is ready for what makes great tattoos stand out, the shading. Use the large needle for larger areas and the smaller needle for small areas. Shade from darker areas outwards in a circular motion until you get the final design you had created. These final touches determine the quality of your work and so being keen on them takes your art to the next level.

Practice makes perfect, and so in tattooing, you will become better every time you do it. Practice creating the designs and do your best to deliver the tattoo of your clients’ dreams because in so doing, your six figure dreams too will come true.

How To Become a Tattoo Artist

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