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How To Shade A Tattoo

Tattoo shading techniques are key to producing a high quality tattoo. In some cases you will find yourself in a situation where you need to make the tattoo aesthetically pleasing to cover up tiny mistake or to add the much desired three dimensional appearance, a good shading technique can come in handy. While tattoo shading techniques take a while to master, there are a few techniques rarely known which you can master on your own. If you are already an expert, these shading tips will help you to improve your work tremendously.As an artist you should finish the tattoo line work before proceeding to shade the tattoo. You will find that this will be advantageous in preventing the ink of your line work from draining into other colors and making a mess. For this reason, it is advisable for you to do shading and inking in two separate sessions. This will also give your client plenty of time to pick the colors they prefer. If your client wants a black and white tattoo, you should practice dipping your needle to dilute the black pigments to obtain gray pigment so that you don’t have to change needles all the time when shading the tattoo. Remember to tilt your needle when applying the ink and make circular patterns to blend the different tones of your ink. You should also make sure that you press your needle down lightly when working on the areas you want to be lighter- this will produce an impression of a fading depth.

You can also use gray inks instead of diluting black ink. This will give you a more permanent tattoo shadow that does not fade easily. Gray ink will also enable you to obtain the various styles which lean towards brown or a blue tones. You will discover that you can use gray ink to obtain different shades which cannot be obtained when using diluted black ink.If you choose to use colors to shade your tattoo, bright and dark color affects will give your tattoo a good aesthetic look. However, you should avoid applying light colors on top of dark outlines since they will mess your tattoo. Pick your colors in advance and ink them meticulously. The best option is to start with warm colors such as yellow or green then advance to cool colors, and finally the darker colors. You should also remember to clean your needle when transitioning from one color to the next otherwise you will ruin your tattoo. There are several methods to control the shade of your tattoo when using a machine. In most cases,a high speed while making coils is preferred since it makes the shading smoother. You can also use a shading bar instead of a pen to obtain better transitions especially in large tattoos. A good light source when shading your tattoo will come in handy.

To improve your shading technique, practice ahead of time using a brush and color paints. You will find that paper and ink will simulate your process nicely ,after all tattoo shading is not different from art. Consequently, you will gradually gain the confidence to shade your tattoo without straining too much.

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