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How Much Do Lip Piercings Cost?

Throughout history, people have decorated their bodies with tattoos or piercings, from the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans, from great civilizations to small tribal cultures, and while, aside from pierced ears, this practice was fairly rare, today youll find people with all sorts of visible piercings: ears, noses, tongues, and lips. If youve made the decision that youd like to join the pierced culture, perhaps with a pierced lip, how much might this cost you?

Monetarily, youll find the lip piercings cost roughly between forty and fifty dollars. Often that price will be accompanied by the jewelry used in the piercing, such as a tiny metallic ball. Other places might charge around twenty-five to thirty dollars; however, you may find youll pay an additional price for the jewelry, which can range from ten to fifty dollars.

To avoid less tangible costs, such as infection, always make sure you have a professional piercer perform the work. Piercing is not for amateurs; the cost you save monetarily may easily be lost in the cost youll spend if health issues arise. For instance, the Association of Professional Piercers, recommends that you dont get a piercing if, at the piercing site, you have any irritation of your skin, or a rash, a cut, moles, an unusual lesion or lump, or even a lot of freckles. People with diabetes, any auto-immune disorder, or hemophilia, shouldnt be pierced. Dont get a piercing if youre pregnant or planning to become pregnant, although this latter point applies largely if you have plans not for a lip piercing, but a navel piercing.

There are general concerns about piercing which must be guarded against (such as bacterial infection at the site of the piercing), excessive bleeding, allergic reactions (to different types of jewelry), and damage to nerves (the loss of feeling at the pierced site). Know, too, that healing time varies depending on the part of the body pierced. While an ear lobe may take six to eight weeks to heal, a pierced lip will take two or three months. The parts of the body which appear to take the longest time to heal are the ear cartilage and the navel (both may take as much as four months to one year to heal).

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