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How To Get A Tattoo Apprenticeship

Tattoos have become increasingly popular over the years, and people have begun wanting not only to have a tattoo, but to learn the art of tattooing as well. If you are one of those who dream of becoming a tattoo artist then you should be prepared to work really hard on it because tattooing is not an easy thing to learn. Becoming a tattoo artist depends largely on a good apprenticeship, which normally lasts for about three years. Why does it have to take that long? Of course, you will be dealing with the human body and making permanent changes to another person’s body. You need to make sure that you are not jeopardizing that person’s health by performing mediocre work or unwittingly working below the recommended standards.

But the length of time that it takes to complete an apprenticeship should not even be your primary concern. Rather, it should be the issue of how you can get an apprenticeship in the first place. It is understandable that most professional tattoo artists are wary of sharing their secrets with anybody, but there are ways for you to gain their confidence and earn an apprenticeship. You will, of course, need an impressive portfolio. Take the time to create at least two sets of flash, one set (about five pages) composed of purely black and white designs and another set composed of colored designs. Remember to create flashes that are at least 14×11 inches or bigger, and let your creative juices flow freely. As soon as your flashes are ready, you can start visiting your local tattoo studios.

Check out your chosen studios first before you go there to ask for an apprenticeship. Walk in there and simply observe if the artists are friendly and if the studio has a professional look and feel. If they have pictures of their work on display then you would do well to check that out in order to get a general impression of the type and quality of work that they do. When you finally decide to ask for an apprenticeship in that shop, be sure that you make your request when they are not too crowded or busy. Carry your flashes casually in your hand, such that the artist can readily see them. Ask to see the person in charge and then tell him that you have some flashes for sale. This will get his attention because tattoo artists are always on the lookout for new designs.

Remember, though, that your ultimate goal is to get an apprenticeship rather than to sell your flashes, so keep your price low. As you negotiate the sale of your flashes, casually mention that you are interested in getting an apprenticeship. Take note that you need to impress the artist not only with your work sample, but also with your attitude, so be friendly and confident. If, after your conversation, the artist decides to buy your flashes but tells you that they don’t have room for an apprentice, don’t give up too soon. Leave your contact details and ask them to call you if they ever need an extra hand. Getting an apprenticeship may not be easy, but neither is it impossible. As long as you are persistent and you have true talent, you will soon get the break that you deserve.

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