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How To Find A Decent Tattoo Artist

If you’re planning on getting a tattoo, the artist involved unquestionably plays the biggest factor. You can’t trust every artist or tattoo shop, so it is important to make the right choice. Failure to make the right decision, could not only result in a bad experience, but in bad art that you will potentially cringe at for years to come. Now, of course you can get your tattoo re-highlighted, to bring life back into those once vibrant colors. But why not save yourself the trouble by getting it right the first time? This means going the extra mile in terms of research. It can also mean spending a little extra money to ensure that your tattoo is top-notch.

Focus On The Artist

No tattoo artist is the same. They all have different styles, use different inks, and overall have different sensibilities that you want to make sure match up with your vision. Take a look at some of your friends tattoos. Without question, some have stood the test of time, others look like they have been to hell and back. Every tattoo is a testament to its creator’s skill level. If you’re going to plaster a visual representation of something important on your body, ideally you want to find an artist who is just as passionate about your idea as you are. Now, how do you do this?

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews…

Start with a concept that means something to you. Don’t go into this blindly, and as the saying goes, “don’t ink while you drink”. With this in mind, most businesses have a few reviews on Yelp. Some shops are more heavily reviewed than others. Use these reviews as a tool to discover if other people have had a positive experience. Usually, these reviews will touch on not only the shop itself, but the individual artists. From there, you can then search for each artist’s individual social media accounts where they are likely to post examples of their work. Perhaps you want a dragon arm-piece. If you stumble upon an artist that is known for surrealism, you may have found the right artist for you.

Protect Yourself From Malpractice

Aside from concept and design, one of the best reasons for reading these reviews is to save yourself from poor hygiene and general malpractice. While on your journey, you need to weed out the shops that use unsterile, used needles that can spread disease. Usually, if a shop is given to these dirty tendencies, word will spread and they will be shut down for violating health standards. But you can never be too safe.

Bring Your Vision To Life

So do thorough research. Find a design that means something to you. Read all the shop/artist reviews you can find. Plan to travel out of state, or to a neighboring city if need be. Ask friends and family if they’d recommend the artist that did their tattoo. Hopefully by this point you’ve found the right artist to bring your vision to life.

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