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What Are The Best Tattoo Inks

What are the Best Tattoo Inks

Tattoo art has evolved over several centuries from a subculture practiced by a few people to a form of mainstream art that is acceptable to many people today. This increase in the popularity of tattooing has resulted in an improved availability of tattoo ink. Below are five brands considered the best tattoo inks currently available in the market.

Starbrite Tattoo Ink

Since its inception in the 1990s, Starbrite Tattoo ink has only grown in popularity. The colors offered under this brand are permeable and durable. The ink was developed over many years through a process that involved researchers and specialists who wanted to ensure that Starbrite Tattoo Ink was safe to use. Starbrite offers a collection of 75 colors and its production and distribution are under guidelines provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Starbrite has a good reputation among professional tattoo artists all over the globe and is considered one of the best tattoo inks.

Intenze Tattoo Ink

The company that produces Intenze Tattoo Ink is an established cosmetics group. Intenze Tattoo ink is considered the most tested tattoo ink currently available in the market. The producers of Intenze are known to consult leading tattoo artists to continually improve its quality. Intenze Tattoo ink prides in its durability and ease of application. The brand offers 101 tattoo ink colors in one, two and four-ounce bottles.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

Kuro Sumi Tattoo ink is a product of Japan, a country with a known long tradition of tattoo art. Kuro Simi Tattoo ink makes use of ingredients that are purely organic. This makes it highly attractive to vegan consumers. The Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink brand offers a wide range of colors, though most consumers know it because of the good quality of its outlining and shading ink.

Moms Tatoo Ink

Moms Tattoo Ink is produced in the United States by Millennium Colorworks. This ink is available in a wide range of colors that are manufactured using non-toxic materials. The ink also offers colors that have a vibrancy and durability. The Nuclear Tattoo Ink set, offered under the Moms Tattoo Ink brand, contains a popular range of Ultra-Violet (UV) black reactive ink. Moms is also available in sets of either primary or exotic colors. Moms Tattoo Ink is one of the most popular tattoo inks around the world.

Skin Candy Tattoo Ink

The founder of the Skin Candy Tattoo Ink, Mark August, started the brand with an aim of providing a wide range of colors and an improvement of the quality of tattoo ink available in the tattoo business. Initially, Skin Candy Tattoo Ink was offered in a range of hand-mixed inks but it has grown over the years to a wide range of over 125 colors. The producers of Skin Candy Tattoo Ink continue to innovate and develop new color hues for use in tattoos. So popular is the Skin Candy Tattoo ink that celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and Heidi Klum have chosen it for use on their personal body art.


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