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Best Tattoo Ink

There are many brands of tattoo ink and sometimes it may be confusing trying to choose one. Some of these brands include Intenze, Skin Candy, Starbrite, Kuro Sumi, Eternal and Mom’s. The choice of the best brand depends largely on the ingredients, techniques and art work of the artist. You can try each of these brands to determine which one is the best for your use. In this article we will look at Intenze Ink as our choice for the best tattoo ink. Intenze Tattoo Ink comes as a color kit offering you a good selection for the mixables as well as the price. The four color sets you get with Intenze Ink are 10, 19, 25 and 54. All the bottles come with a factory seal, a warning on allergic reactions and screw tops. The standard 19 color kit weighs about one ounce and costs about $125. There are also options for smaller or larger size bottles with bottles weighing 0.5 ounce, 2 ounce and 4 ounce available. This standard kit is ideal for beginners and shop owners who want to have basic flash art designs.
This ink is a popular choice for many artists and a market leader in that case with up to 196 colors to select from. When mixing colors, it is recommended to have an ink cup and gloves so as to prevent contamination. The gloves will also save you a lot of hassle, possible lawsuits and medical expenses. Some of the colors you get with this product are opaque white, black, white mixer, basic yellow, basic orange, canary yellow, pumpkin orange, blood red / sanguine, basic red, basic magenta, light magenta, basic blue, basic purple, dark purple, basic blue, basic green, pale blue, forest green, tan and basic brown. The most used colors in this kit are dark purple, pumpkin orange, blood red and white mixer. Those colors that are used least include basic blue and basic yellow.
The most commonly used size is the one ounce bottle. The most cost effective bottle will be the 2 ounce bottle as it gives you more ink options at a relatively cheaper cost. As a beginner in this field, we recommend you buy from distributors or resellers. You however need to handle the product cautiously as once you open the outer pack, most stores and sellers won’t accept refunds on the ink set or the inks. To be on the safe side, you need to read the fine print before you order this product.
The 19 color set gives you enough variety to do some amazing and flashy designs with it. We recommend this ink to anyone who wants to start his tattooing career or is already in the tattoo industry and want to create a few more interesting designs at an affordable cost. With some expereince in mixing colors, this product will give you an opportunity to create a plethora of hues. The larger sets have more color varieties but ideally the 19 color kit should be good enough to give you any designs you want. The 25 and 54 color kit are much more easier to use as you don’t necessarily need to mix colors. If you are doing a larger piece or you need some more depth, then color mixing will still be an option even with the larger kits.

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