Quick Appraisal of Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Assets

The feasibility study of oil and gas M&A project is a tight scheduled and heavy task with limited data. In order to complete clients’ assignments more efficiently, UNIWE independently developed Global Oil and Gas Resources Search System Quick-S (2016) and Global Oil and Gas Projects Quick Appraisal System Quick-E (2017), they are both full copyright by UNIWE. The two systems can help in reservoir fluid parameters estimation, reserve calculation and single well production forecast etc., which will quickly provide useful information in resources appraisal and evaluation.

Static and Dynamic Data Combined with Comprehensive Reservoir Potential Studies

Reservoir engineers, production engineers and G&G experts are highly collaborative, using oil and gas well dynamic data, well test interpretation data together with G&G studies to do the research on characteristics of reservoir properties, distribution of edge-bottom water etc., build more accurate geological model for reservoir development and production.

Technology and Economics Highly Integrated in Field Development Plan/Optimization Design

UNIWE team is good at set up the single well technical and economic evaluation model, optimization of well pattern, well spacing and well completion. All the information will be coordinated for the overall reservoir planning together with fiscal terms, optimize the field development from the perspective of the economic benefit to gain greater returns for investors.

Tapping of Water Injection in Multilayer Reservoir

Injected water breakthrough from thief zone easily happens in multilayer heterogeneous reservoir which cause a large amount of remaining oil left in the reservoir. According to study and understanding by UNIWE team about fluid fingering in poromechanics, dynamic data, logging, sedimentary facies are combined for remaining oil distribution studies. Cycle injection, production and injection profile adjustment, sidetrack and reperforation of wells, refracture are used for tapping and increasing remaining recoverable reserves.

Shale and Tight Oil and Gas Efficient Development Technology

Since 2010, UNIWE has participated in the development planning of world's largest Barnett shale gas field. In the past 5 years, UNIWE successively participated in more than 30 of tight oil and gas development project in North America for feasibility study and oil and gas assets evaluation, and is familiar with North America tight oil and gas exploration and development technology. UNIWE team members also have rich experience of field development plan and gas well design for tight oil and gas field such as Ordos Changbei gas field.