Project Cases

Oil&Gas Exploration&Production Technical Support


In last 10 years, UNIWE completed many technical support projects, including comprehensive geological studies, exploration plan, exploration well design, overall development plan, well stimulation scheme, EOR solutions for mature fields and policy making research for government departments etc.. Some cases are as follows:
   Project Operation Support and Consultation Service for Emir Project in Kazakhstan: In 2012-2014, UNIWE provided POSC service for MIE Emir project in Kazakhstan. UNIWE sent one senior management to be in charge of operation and set up the technical support team to provide well location determination, work program and budget making, daily production monitor, dynamic analysis etc.. UNIWE successfully introduced horizontal drilling and acid fracture application in this project, and helped Emir project increasing production from 1,800 bbl/d to 5,500 bbl/d during 3 years. With the support from UNIWE, the exploration work also has significant new findings, and exploration well N.Kariman-2 tested initial stable production around 1,500 bbl/d.
?    Project Operation Support and Consultation  Service for Kongnan Project in China: In 2014~2016UNIWE provided POSC service to Shenzhen listed company HBP subsidiary Pan China who is the operator of Dagang Kongnan PSC. This service includes preparing work program and budget, well location research, operation, production and operating expenses monitor. UNIWE senior staff was officially appointed as an member of Kongnan PSC and participated the Joint Management Team set up with CNPC. With the joint efforts of all sides, the Project is one of the lowest cost and most economic asset in Dagang area. 
?    Support for COG Canadian Oil Field Operation: In 2014~2016, UNIWE provided the technical support to the operation of Canadian oil field of Hong Kong listing company COG, including preparing work program and budget, dynamic analysis to optimize the operation, operating expenses and operation performance monitor, cost reduction suggestion etc.. With the efforts of all, the current production of this field is stable with lower production costs.
?    China Exploration and Development Policy Making Support: In 2016~2018, UNIWE was commissioned by Strategic Research Center of Oil and Gas Resources of MOLAR (Ministry of Land and Resources of the People's Republic of China) to carry on the Study of North American Government Oil and Gas Tender Evaluation Criteria and Study of Public Tender Round Planning of North America. During the process of the stuies, UNIWE got help form Canadian Embassy and Mexican Ministry of Economic Affairs about oil and gas industry information of Canada and Mexico. All the research achievements are recognized by the experts as Excellent Level. The proposed suggestions have been recognized and have been formally implemented by Chinese government, such as removing approval of development planning and reserve report for foreign cooperation projects, facilitating process of bidding, simplifying public offer round bidding parameters, and soft restrictions to investors, etc. and contributed to China's mineral property right reform. 
                    UNIWE Team for MOLAR Project, 2016                                                UNIWE Participation in Kongnan PSC JMC, 2016