Project Cases

Technical and Commercial Support for Oil and Gas Asset M&A



UNIWE as an exclusive technical and commercial service provider successfully helped clients to complete several important oil and gas M&A and divestiture, and is well recognized within the upstream industry globally. 
?    In 2011, UNIWE acted as the exclusive technical advisor of China Development Bank for the asset of BP Pakistan acquired by Hong Kong listed company United Energy Group, and total amount of loan is US$ 640 million. The current production of this project is about 80,000 bbl/d with significant economic benefits. The project is a quite meaningful and successful case of Chinese private enterprise’s acquisition in oil and gas upstream business.
?    In 2011, UNIWE acted as the exclusive technical and economic due diligence service provider to MIE Holdings Corporation for their acquisition of oil and gas asset in Kazakhstan, the consideration is US$ 160 million.
?    In 2011-2012, UNIWE provided the technical consultation to Poly and Yanchang Group for their acquisition of Block A and B in Central Africa, and assisted to prepare the related documents for Chinese government approval.
?    In 2012, UNIWE acted as the exclusive technical and economic due diligence service provider to MIE Holdings Corporation for their acquisition of the 51% share of Sino Gas & Energy Holdings Limited with the investment commitment of US$ 100 million from MIE.
?     In 2013, UNIWE acted as the exclusive technical consultant for China Oil HBP Science & Technology Corporation Limited to organize the exploration and development potential study and economic evaluation of Liulin CBM project, which is one of the most promising CMB projects in China. The total consideration is US$ 20.88 million.
?    In 2013-2014, UNIWE acted as the technical service provider for Zhaotai Energy for development of its 15,000 acres oil leases in Leon County of Texas, and total investment is about US$ 85 million.
?   In 2014-2016, Hong Kong listed company China Oil and Gas Group Limited acquired the 100% equity interest of Baccalieu Energy Inc.. UNIWE provided the technical due diligence and the transaction was closed on July 24, 2014 with total consideration of C$ 235.5 million. 
?    In 2014-2016, UNIWE acted as exclusive technical and commercial advisor to MIE Holdings Corporation for the sales of share of PCR, Sino Gas, Riyadh and Emir with total consideration about US$ 550 million. The service by UNIWE included VDR preparation, technical communication and management presentation preparation, commercial support for bidding process and negotiation etc.. 
?    In 2017, UNIWE provided the technical support for Canlin Energy to acquire Canadian CQ Project and prepared the feasibility study report. UNIWE also work for the transition management. The average production of this project is 55,000 boe/d with 360 million boe 2P reserves. The total amount of this transaction is C$ 700 million, was closed on Sep, 29, 2017.
?   In 2017-2018, as a technical advisor of Asia Resources Group, UNIWE issued a Due Diligence report for their acquisition of working interest of oil field in Indonesia Sumatra. It is an exploration and development integrated project and was successfully closed in March, 2018.

?   In 2018-2019, as the technical consultant of China New Energy Mining co., LTD., UNIWE issued PRMS standard reserves and valuation reports to support the bidding process of farm out its interests in Linxing and Sanjiaobei gas blocks. The transaction was completed on October 29, 2018 with transaction value of US$ 410 million.

The total investment amount of the successful projects with UNIWE service is approx. US$ 3 billion. UNIWE also becomes the technical supporter and promoter for Chinese companies’ overseas oil and gas development and gains well-deserved reputation and extensive influence.