Project Cases

Typical Projects - The Way to Great Success and Added Value


United Energy(A Emerging Oil & Gas Giant): In 2011, UNIWE acted as the exclusive technical and valuation advisor for China Development Bank(“CDB”) for the asset of BP Pakistan acquired by Hong Kong listed United Energy Group. The total acquisition price is US$750 million while the total amount of loan from CDB is US$ 640 million The project achieved average production increase of 25% annually within 5 years after acquisition and the production in 2018 is about 100,000BOEPD with significant economic benefits. United Energy has paid back already all the loans from CDB and the project achieved profit in 2017 about 1.36 billion HK$ with company market cap of HK$ 35.7billion(February 12, 2019). This project paves the way for United Energy grow to the largest private oil company in China, and only after PetroChina, Sinopec and Cnooc in Hong Kong Stock Market for oil companies.

Legacy Sino Gas Project Success Story: In 2012, UNIWE acted as the exclusive technical and commercial advisor for MIE, a listing company in Hong Kong, for acquisition of 51% of Sino Gas shares with gas field assets in Linxing and Sanjiaobei block in Central China with commitment of US$100million for acquiring shares and investment. UNIWE continued to provide technical and management support for MIE after acquisition for achieving reserves and production increasing. In 2016, for strategic reason, with UNIWE as technical and commercial advisor , MIE sold the project to CNEML at 
US$ 220million and continue increase reserve and production . In 2018, also for company strategic reason, CENML sold the project to Lone Star at US$410 with net earning around US$130 million after tax and costs. UNIWE was the technical consultant to CNEML for the reserve assessment report which played key role for this divesture.


                                                                                                                   UNIWE organized the negotiation for the divestiture 51%of Sino Gas
                                                                                                                               with CNEML in 2016 (total consideration: 220 million)