Oil Project in Kazakhstan Onshore

Located in Kazakhstan onshore and contract area is covering 1063 with 1 producing oil field. 

Main pay zone is the Carboniferous carbonate with reservoir depth of 4300-4700m, average porosity of 7.3%, average permeability of 4.56mD. Current recovery factor of producing field is only 2.45%.

Reserve and Production
According to reserves approved by Kazakhstan Government, С1 OOIP was 6 MM tons with recoverable reserve 1.33MM tons; С2 OOIP was 5.53 MM tons with recoverable reserve 0.53MM tons; therefor, С1+C2 OOIP was 11.53 MM tons, about 84.17MM barrels, and С1+C2 recoverable reserve was 1.86 MM tons, about 13.58MM barrels. Operator forecasts the oil production could be reached around 4000BOPD by developing the existing field already with production license.
Current recovery factor of producing field is very low. There are multi unperforated layers for the producing wells and production should increase after perforation. It should have a large exploration potential due to large exploration area around 1000 km2 with low low degree of exploration and many producing fields in the adjacent area. Unrisked recoverable oil resources should be around 81MMBO and risked recoverable oil resources should be around 24MMBO.

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