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5 Bear Tattoo Designs – Tattoo Junkie

Tattoos are really popular these designs, and more and more people do get tatted on their bodies. In fact they are so popular, its hard to meet someone who doesn’t have a tattoo on their body.

People get all types of designs, it really depends on your preference.

Let’s check out some of these bear tattoo designs that should inspire you, if you are looking for a bear tattoo.

Pics: Tumbler

This is a beautiful and very artistic design. The colours are quite vibrant, capturing the bear quite nicely.

The person decided to do this tattoo on their hand, but you can choose to do this kind of tattoo on any other part of your body.

This tattoo sees the bear ready to pounce on some prey. It’s very artistic, and it’s clear that it was done by a tattoo artist, who knows their work.

This tattoo is done on the leg, on the lower thigh to be exact. It’s a tattoo that has had a lot of work done on it, and it would be no surprise if it took more than one session to be done and completed. Great looking bear tattoo though.

Those nails on this tattoo look like they can cause a lot of damage. It uses minimal colours, just black and some brown, but it has some work done into it . . . and has a bit of 3D effect.

This is a plain looking tattoo, and just using black as the only colour. It was done on the upper arm . . . but it can work on other parts of the body. The lack of colour makes the bear less threatening.

This tattoo is amazing, looks great and the essence of the bear has been captured wonderfully and artistically.

The tattoo is 3D, which takes a lot of work and a lot of skill to pull off. this was done on the leg, but it can work just as well on the chest, the back or the shoulder.

A tattoo artist would have to do this, for it to look great and professionally done.

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